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Two new centers in Spokane offer neurological approach

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Free pre-sports screen for the community

Concussion information...

If you are in Sports, we offer a free pre-concussion screen and keep your data on file. That way, in case you have a concussion, we can assess the injury's impact on the brain and nervous system and bring you back to your prior level of function.  

Our concussion clinics are low stimulation environments. We turn down lights, close blinds, shut off music and created an enviorment suitable for concussion symptoms. We see all of our concussion patients in their own room with limited noise. The entire South Hill upstairs office is dedicated to concussion and trauma recovery, so no busy waiting rooms and a separate entrance. 

We are able to test your spinal cord, brainstem, midbrain, and cerebral cortex for specific sensory and motor deficits which may be impacting cognition, emotion, and physical symptoms. In other words, we can test how your whole brain is functioning in about 10 minutes. 

We also offer free BEMER sessions. If you don't know about BEMER, take some time to review the link provided. BEMER allows for mircocapillaries in our bodies to dilate, allowing more blood flow to targeted areas. We use a body mat for whole body as well as targeted head pieces to decrease symptoms from concussion related trauma in the head and neck areas.

Empire is dedicated to whole body well-being. As the leading providers of MNRI in the greater Spokane region, we bring homeostasis to the body and mind more than any other provider. 


What is BEMER?

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BEMER blood Flow

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